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Triethyl Phosphate (TEP)

Product Name Triethyl Phosphate (TEP)
Cas No. 78-40-0
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 182.16
Quality Index
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Content% ≥99.5
Refractive index (nD20) 1.4050~1.4070
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.05
Moisture% ≤0.2
Chroma ≤20
Specific gravityD2020 1.069-1.073
Use Flame retardant and plasticizer for rubber plastics, polyurethane rigid foam and thermal insulation materials; ancientization agent and stabilizer for resins.

Packing: 200KG/galvanized iron drum; 1000KG/IBC; 20-23 tons/ISOTANK.

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