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Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine(DMTDA)

Product Name Dimethyl Thio-Toluene Diamine(DMTDA)
Cas No. 106264-79-3
Molecular formula


Molecular weight 214
Quality Index
Items Specification
Appearance Light yellow thick liquid
Diamine Content(%) ≥98.00
TDA Content(%) ≤1.00
Water content (%) ≤0.10
Amine value (mgKOH/g) 515-535
Use It is widely used as a curing agent and chain extender component in polyurethane products and polyurea spray material systems; it can also be used as a curing agent in epoxy resins; it can also act as an industrial lubricant.

Packing:200-250kgs/iron drum, 1000-1200kgs/IBC, 20-25tons/isotank.

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