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 Triphenyl Phosphite(TPPI)

Product Name  Triphenyl Phosphite(TPPI)
Cas No. 101-02-0
Quality Index

It is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid a little phenol odor taste.

It does not dissolve in water and easily dissolve in organic solvent such as alcohol, ether benzene, acetone etc. It may separate free phenol if it met moisture and has absorbility for ultraviolet.

Color(Pt-Co) ≤50
Density 1.183-1.192
Refractive index 1.585-1.590
Solidification point°C 19-24
Oxide(Cl- %) ≤0.20
Use 1) PVC industry: cable, windows and door, sheet, decorating sheet, agricultural membrane, floor membrane etc. 2) Other synthetic material industry: used as light-heat stabilizer or oxide-heat stabilizer. 3) Other industry: complex liquid and ointment compound stabilizer etc.

Packing: it is packed in galvanized iron drum with net weight 200-220kg.

UN3082, Category 9 dangerous goods

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