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Tiem: 2023-06-16





We attend the above exhibitions every year and hope to communicate and learn from all domestic and foreign customers and friends. Our company enjoys communicating with visitors from all over the world at exhibitions every year.

We always do a lot of preparation for the exhibition, in order to participate in the exhibition smoothly, all staff of the sales department are fully engaged and cooperate. Sales staff have a deep understanding and familiarity with the product, and keep the product performance, structure and parameters in mind. The etiquette reception personnel unifies the clothing and the attire, faces each customer with the good mental outlook, has established the company's spiritual outlook. The preparation of exhibition publicity materials is also overtime work. By comparing various solutions, we ultimately choose a corporate brochure and booth that is suitable for the company's image and products.

Visitors are divided into different kinds: exhibitors, personnel from other industries, people from the PU industry, people in the industry who want to understand the market, etc. for us, to accurately determine what kind of customers belong to, this requires a special observation ability. For each guest who comes to visit, the etiquette reception can make a backup of the customer information so as to facilitate the business contact of the company in the future. Among the visitors, there are more in the same industry, we also communicate with them and analysis the market in the future.

Whether as "buy" or "sell", the key is the product. Even if customers have purchase demand, but there are so many similar products in the market, how should we ask customers to buy our products? This needs to improve the competitiveness of our products. Product competitiveness can be reflected in product design, popularity, quality, price and so on.

It is a harvest tour.The exhibition showed our product and we also brought back a lot of advice from end users and dealers invaluable.

The effects of our company's participation in exhibitions are as follows: (1) showcasing the company and its products to enhance the company's visibility; (2) Promote sales and business growth; (3) Build employee confidence.

The emergence of market competitors precisely represents a huge market. How to effectively grasp the market is a topic that needs to be considered in the future. Generally speaking, both in terms of price and quality, our customers are satisfied with our products. How to maintain old customers and add new ones in the presence of competitors. Improving the market share of our company's products is an issue that we cannot ignore now.

Many well-known enterprises in the industry participated in the exhibition with us, promoting industry exchanges. During the exhibition, we met many new and old customers and had sufficient communication. This also serves as a good bridge for the development of our industry.

The exhibition showcased ourselves, leveraged our strengths, and expanded the market for us. I believe that in the future, the exhibition platform can provide more opportunities for communication and learning for the company, domestic and foreign customers and friends. Let's look forward to seeing each other at the annual exhibition together.



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